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About Me

Originally from Brazil, I have been working as a psychologist since 1996. From my early career years up until now, I have always had an immense curiosity and fascination for the human ability for transformation and change.


I consider myself an open-minded, positive person who tries to integrate my personal experiences with my professional practice. In my work, I hope to help my patients re-connect with unknown aspects of their emotional experience, as they express themselves in the present life. I found that this process usually produces transformation, better choices, and a more fulfilling life. You will find me to be a curious, warm, and caring therapist, with a good sense of humour and optimistic view of human beings.

Being a mother of 4 and having lived abroad for the last 28 years (Belgium, Hong Kong, Israel, Brazil, and The Netherlands), I had the chance to experience and learn about different cultures, visions of the world, values, transitions, and ways of coping with life challenges - especially when moving to a new country. Some of us may have a hard time finding a comfortable place and voice in the new foreign land. Or helping our children develop a sense of identity when traveling from one relocation to the next.

Both in Brazil, Israel, and The Netherlands, my training and experience has focused on contemporary psychoanalytic theories and techniques. But I also use resources from other approaches like ACT and Gottman Institute.

My areas of specialty are:



Institute of Medical Education Research Rotterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Masters in Health Professionals Education, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Residency Specialization Program

Clinical Psychologists, Tel Hashomer Hospital, Israel

ACT - Acceptance &  Commitment Therapy

Russ Harris at Psychwire

B.A. Clinical Psychology

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

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